Ode to a hiking pole

Dear Leki pole, I count the ways
Your usefulness improves my days
You find a path through mud and mire
I lean on you when feet are tired
You push me up the windy roads
Stop ankles twisting on roots and stones
You draw cute pictures in the sand
And point out features in the land
You save my knees on steep downhills
Protect me from the river spills
And even act as a defence
From roaming dogs that make me tense
And best of all your handle round
Can club a stoat upon the ground
Eliminating deadly pests
As hiking gear, you are the best.

One thought on “Ode to a hiking pole

  1. The poet is coming out in you again Fiona. Do you remember the classes under Elwyn Richardson so long ago?
    Amazing writing dear. Love you. Dad.


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