Eating on Te Araroa

Confession – this is a bit of a fill-in blog, as I’m in Auckland now but disconnected from my photos, so can’t yet post a full picture of what we’ve been up to… But the topic that is constantly on the minds and lips of trampers is food, so I’m going to indulge in aContinue reading “Eating on Te Araroa”

Pakiri to Remiger campsite

Day 26 (Sat 5 Dec): Pakiri to Dome Forest Started 7.30am, summit of Mt Tamahunga 10.05am, Waiwhui road/stream/campsite 3pm, 19.5k Pain in the head status: Didn’t sleep well and a migraine grated away at me all morning until I finally succumbed and took meds, then the pain eased off, leaving me feeling deeply lethargic –Continue reading “Pakiri to Remiger campsite”

Mangawhai to Pakiri

Day 25 (Fri 4 Dec): Mangawhai to Pakiri Started at 7.35am, walked to the Mangawhai Heads Four Square for some more supplies, walked a bit further then got a lift to the start of Te Arai beach, started walking from there around 8.30am, reached Pakiri Beach Camp 1.50pm; 28k in total, about 10k by car.Continue reading “Mangawhai to Pakiri”

Reotahi to Waipu Cove

Day 22 (Tues 1 Dec): Reotahi to Ruakaka 8am pick-up from Reotahi boat ramp, 8.15am started out from Marsden Point; reached Ruakaka township around 10.30am; reached Ruakaka Beach Camp around 1.30pm; 10k Pain in the head status: Third rough night, but a reason may be discovered. The sore throat I’ve been hoping was hayfever forContinue reading “Reotahi to Waipu Cove”

Ngunguru to Reotahi

Day 20 (Sun 29 Nov): Ngunguru to Taiharuru (Tidesong) Started 10.15am, reached Horahora estuary river at 11.45am; crossed river 12.45pm; reached Tidesong camp/B&B on Taiharuru river estuary at 4pm, 16k. Pain in the head status: migraine in the night, some difficulty sleeping. Took pills and they helped; woke up fine. I knew it was tooContinue reading “Ngunguru to Reotahi”

Kaiikainga Forest to Ngunguru

Day 18 (Fri 27 Nov): Kaiikanui Forest to Whananaki Started 8.05am, finished 2.20pm, 16k Pain in the head status: Nothing significant. Some burning in the hips- my weakest link- most bothersome at night, but improving; being treated with daily yoga. Word of the day: Mellifluous, pleasantly smooth and melodious After being disturbed by growling possumsContinue reading “Kaiikainga Forest to Ngunguru”

Whangaruru to Kaiikanui Forest campsite

Day 16 (Wed 25 Nov): Whangaruru Beachfront camp Rain and rest day. Pain in the head status: I was glad to have the day off from walking as still didn’t feel 100% after yesterday’s migraine. The quiet day may have affected a cure. Word of the day: Scarp, steep slope or escarpment, often formed byContinue reading “Whangaruru to Kaiikanui Forest campsite”

The Farm to Whangaruru

Day 15 (Tues 24 Nov): The Farm to Whangaruru Beachside camp Started 8.15am, finished 11.30am, 14k Pain in the head status: Woke up feeling sluggish and a bit ‘off’. Migraine developed after we had been walking for a few hours, took some medication and the pain mostly subsided but continued to feel an intense lassitude.Continue reading “The Farm to Whangaruru”