Roundhill ski area to Stone hut

Day 111 (Wed 10 March): Roundhill ski area camp to Camp Stream hut Started 8.20am, finished 10.20am, 7k. Pain in the head status: The hiatus continued- until the afternoon. I had just calculated that it was almost a fortnight since the last migraine and was reflecting that I hadn’t had a break like this since…IContinue reading “Roundhill ski area to Stone hut”

Top Timaru hut to Lake Ohau

Day 105 (Thurs 4 March): Top Timaru hut to East Ahuriri hut Started 7.50am, finished 6.25pm, 34k. Pain in the head status: No pain. Unreal. Word of the day: Rhapsodic, enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling. All the trampers we saw today had a singular focus – getting across the Ahuriri River, the largest unbridgedContinue reading “Top Timaru hut to Lake Ohau”

Lake Hawea to Top Timaru hut

Day 103 (Tues 2 March): Lake Hawea to Stody hut (Breast Hill track) Started 7.15am, finished 3.20pm, 23k. Pain in the head status: No pain – I thought I might suffer as had a disturbed night’s sleep with the couple in the room next to us at the hostel conducting an opera of snores allContinue reading “Lake Hawea to Top Timaru hut”

Merrivale to Telford campsite

Day 87 (Sun 14 Feb): Merrivale to Birchwood Station Started 7.45am, finished 3.55pm, 26k. Pain in the head status: No pain, even after disturbed sleep from Julian’s snoring – the joys of hut living. Word of the day: Amative, pertaining to love, amorous. Tramping is not an amative activity, hence Valentine’s day was only celebratedContinue reading “Merrivale to Telford campsite”

Waikanae to Wellington

Day 77 (Mon 25 Jan): Waikanae to Paekakariki Started 10.10am, finished 3.30pm, 16k. Pain in the head status: Blissfully painfree today. Word of the day: Deiprosophist, someone who is skilled in table talk. After the rigours of the Tararuas, today’s coastal walk was like having a rest day. After walking along the Waikanae River andContinue reading “Waikanae to Wellington”

Atene to Turakina beach via Whanganui

Day 62 (Sun 10 Jan): Atene to Whanganui Started 7.25am, finished 2.35pm, 24k (plus 7k car ride). Pain in the head status: Fine. Word of the day: Desultory, passing from one thing to another in an aimless way. We resumed our desultory ramble along the Whanganui River Road in the cool of the morning, passingContinue reading “Atene to Turakina beach via Whanganui”

National Park

Day 54 (Sat 2 Dec): Tongariro Crossing  National Park Distance covered today: From Macrocarpa Cafe in National Park for second breakfast, to Pipers Lodge accommodation, to Station Cafe for lunch, to the Four Square for bananas (their own meal category), back to Pipers, to Macrocarpa Cafe again for dinner (vegetarian pizza, roast vege salad andContinue reading “National Park”

Taumaranui to Mangatepopo stream

Day 51 (Wed 30 Dec): Taumaranui to Owhango Started 8.05am, reached Owhango Forest Lodge 2.20pm, 27k. Pain in the head status: Still have the leftovers of the Timber Trail migraine but it is ebbing off. I took some aspirin at lunchtime as my hip was hurting, which also helped the head – poor hip hasn’tContinue reading “Taumaranui to Mangatepopo stream”

Mangatepopo stream to Tongariro National Park

Day 53 (Fri 1 Jan – Happy New Year): Mangatepopo stream campsite to Tongariro National Park Started at 8.15am, reached campsite 12.30pm, 11k Pain in the head status: Woke in the night and in the morning with a nasty headache but it went off after breakfast and an aspirin. Was too befuddled to make muchContinue reading “Mangatepopo stream to Tongariro National Park”

Waitomo to Pureora

Day 45 (Thurs 24 Dec): Waitomo to Te Kuiti (Mangaokewa Reserve) Started 7am, reached outskirts of Te Kuiti 11.40am; much eating and social interaction ensued; left Te Kuiti some time after 2pm, reached reserve and campsite around 3.30pm, 20k Pain in the head status: Got a ‘tired’ headache in the evening, not long before itContinue reading “Waitomo to Pureora”