Ongarue to Taumaranui

Day 49 (Mon 28 Dec): Ongarue to Taumaranui Started 7.45am, reached Taumaranui 1.30pm, 26k Pain in the head status: Had another migraine in the night –  it eased off with medication but disrupted my sleep so was very dozey while walking. I could have sat down and had a nap in an instant. Just asContinue reading “Ongarue to Taumaranui”

Britomart (central Auckland) to Ramarama

Day 30 (Wed 9 Dec): Britomart to Wiri Started 7.40am, finished 4pm, 37k Pain in the head status: I’m experiencing what I expected to happen at the beginning of the trail – migraines at the end of the day and in the night, which has been a common pattern on other tramping trips. I’m hopingContinue reading “Britomart (central Auckland) to Ramarama”

Remiger Road to…Auckland

Day 28 (Mon 7 Dec): Remiger Road Campsite to Puhoi Started 8am, finished 9.30am, 6k. Pain in the head status: Had the worst migraine of the trail so far, which made me appreciate the mildness of the ones that have gone before and their responsiveness to medicines. This one came on over night, was moreContinue reading “Remiger Road to…Auckland”

How to tramp with migraines

What I’ve learnt so far about tramping with migraines. I often used to go tramping on my own, and had the occasional migraine alone in the wilderness. But that was before the migraines became very frequent – now I have migraines for around 10-12 days a month, that means for any longer tramp I goContinue reading “How to tramp with migraines”