Paihia to The Farm

Day 13 (Sun 22 Nov): Rest day, Paihia Distance walked: around 6k. Calories consumed: Excessive. Word of the day: Faineant (noun), layabout, lazy sluggard Sunday, the day of rest. Ideally, we would have been faineants and lounged around the holiday park all day, but we needed to restock on some extra food from Paihia, soContinue reading “Paihia to The Farm”

Apple Dam to Paihia

Day 10 (Thurs 19 Nov): Apple Dam to Puketi Started 7.30am, finished 4pm, 25k Word of the day: Imprecation, spoken curse Water, flowers and trees summed up the day. We started out from the campsite on a dirt road strewn with white manuka flower petals, descending to Mangapukahukahu Stream, which sounds a mouthful but wasContinue reading “Apple Dam to Paihia”