Queen Charlotte track – Part 2

Day 153 (Wed 21 April): Punga Cove to Resolution Bay Started 9.05am, finished 3.45pm, 22k. Pain in the head status: Pain-free today and very relieved about it. Word of the day: Careen, to heave a ship down one side in order to expose the other side to clean off barnacles or make repairs. Our goalContinue reading “Queen Charlotte track – Part 2”

Queen Charlotte track – Part 1

Day 151 (Mon 19 April): Anakiwa to Portage bay Started 8.20am, finished 1.50pm, 20k. Pain in the head status: I thought the migraine might be moving on today but it turned out it was just moving position and settling in to the other side of my head. It was an uncomfortable travelling companion but IContinue reading “Queen Charlotte track – Part 1”