Merrivale to Telford campsite

Day 87 (Sun 14 Feb): Merrivale to Birchwood Station Started 7.45am, finished 3.55pm, 26k. Pain in the head status: No pain, even after disturbed sleep from Julian’s snoring – the joys of hut living. Word of the day: Amative, pertaining to love, amorous. Tramping is not an amative activity, hence Valentine’s day was only celebratedContinue reading “Merrivale to Telford campsite”

Bluff to Riverton

Day 81 (Mon 8 Feb): Bluff to Invercargill Started walking 8.50am, finished 5pm, 37k. Pain in the head status: Perhaps appropriately, I’m starting the South Island trail with an entrenched migraine. This has been on and off for a few days and is now firmly fixated on the right side of my skull, gnawing atContinue reading “Bluff to Riverton”