Waitewaewae to Waikanae

Day 75 (Sat 23 Jan): Waitewaewae hut to Parawai hut Started 8.35am, finished 2.45pm, 10k. Pain in the head status: All good; am thanking the restorative power of sleep, the most incredible recovery tool ever invented. Word of the day: Compos mentis, of sound mind, sane. The reports on the track ahead were variable butContinue reading “Waitewaewae to Waikanae”

Te Matawai hut to Waitewaewae

Day 73 (Thurs 21 Jan): Te Matawai hut to Dracophyllum hut Started 8.50am, finished 1.10pm, 8k. Pain in the head status: Again, woke around 4am with a migraine radiating from my neck. Again, it eased off quite quickly with medication and I was perfectly fine the rest of the day. I can only hope thisContinue reading “Te Matawai hut to Waitewaewae”