Roses hut (Motatapu track) to Wanaka

Day 99 (Fri 26 Feb): Roses hut to Fern Burn hut Started 7.50am, finished 4.20pm, 16k. Pain in the head status: No pain during the day but woke up around 10pm with a thumper. I’ve found these types of headache usually respond best to a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, but it was a long time since dinnerContinue reading “Roses hut (Motatapu track) to Wanaka”

Queenstown to Roses hut (Motatapu track)

Day 97 (Wed 24 Feb): Queenstown to Arrowtown Started 7.25am, finished 2.20pm, 29k. Pain in the head status: No pain. It feels like a long time since the last migraine. As usual, I have no idea why or what I’m doing right, that’s different from what I’ve been doing the last few months. I’ll enjoyContinue reading “Queenstown to Roses hut (Motatapu track)”

Greenstone hut to Queenstown

Day 95 (Mon 22 Feb): Greenstone hut to Queenstown Started 6.50am, finished 9.55am, 12k. Pain in the head status: No pain but tired; didn’t sleep well for no identifiable reason. Everything feels harder when you haven’t slept so well. Word of the day: Elysian, of or like paradise. We were up early, eating breakfast andContinue reading “Greenstone hut to Queenstown”

Te Anau to Greenstone hut (Mavora track)

Day 93 (Sat 20 Feb): Te Anau to Boundary hut Started 10.25am, finished 2.35pm, 16k. Pain in the head status: No pain as such in the morning but fuzzy headed and dopey. By the afternoon, was dopey and heavy eyed, so took a Nurofen, tried a ginger tablet and had a nap before dinner. ThatContinue reading “Te Anau to Greenstone hut (Mavora track)”

Lower Princhester hut to Te Anau

Day 91 (Thurs 18 Feb): Lower Princhester hut to Te Anau Started 7.05am, finished 8.20am, 6k. Pain in the head status: No pain and a beautiful sleep. I read an article today about how ginger capsules can work well in treating migraine- I’ve never heard of this or tried them, so bought some from theContinue reading “Lower Princhester hut to Te Anau”

Telford campsite to Lower Princhester hut (Takitimus)

Day 89 (Tues 16 Feb): Telford campsite to Aparima hut (Takitimu ranges) Started 7.45am, finished 4.45pm, 21k. Pain in the head status: The migraine amnesty continues which is amazing. When I have a run of migraine-free days like this, I feel like a different person, full of energy, able to think clearly and focus. LifeContinue reading “Telford campsite to Lower Princhester hut (Takitimus)”

Merrivale to Telford campsite

Day 87 (Sun 14 Feb): Merrivale to Birchwood Station Started 7.45am, finished 3.55pm, 26k. Pain in the head status: No pain, even after disturbed sleep from Julian’s snoring – the joys of hut living. Word of the day: Amative, pertaining to love, amorous. Tramping is not an amative activity, hence Valentine’s day was only celebratedContinue reading “Merrivale to Telford campsite”

Colac Bay to Merrivale

Day 85 (Fri 12 Feb): Colac Bay to Longwood Forest Started 7.10am, finished 6.10pm, 29k. Pain in the head status: I woke with a migraine around 4.30am which caused me some puzzlement. What had triggered this one? Had I eaten too much dairy- not that this usually is an issue but I had had twoContinue reading “Colac Bay to Merrivale”

Riverton to Colac Bay

Day 83 (Wed 10 Feb): Riverton to Colac Bay Started 9.25am, finished 1.45pm, 12k. Pain in the head status: Head gave a few twinges on the left hand side of the scalp, just to remind me the migraine is always lurking. It became a more severe twinge in the evening but was appeased by pubContinue reading “Riverton to Colac Bay”

Bluff to Riverton

Day 81 (Mon 8 Feb): Bluff to Invercargill Started walking 8.50am, finished 5pm, 37k. Pain in the head status: Perhaps appropriately, I’m starting the South Island trail with an entrenched migraine. This has been on and off for a few days and is now firmly fixated on the right side of my skull, gnawing atContinue reading “Bluff to Riverton”