Mt Pirongia to Waitomo

Day 42 (Mon 21 Dec): Mt Pirongia Started 7.20am, reached Pahautea hut 11am, end of Mt Pirongia track 2.30pm; reached pick up point on Okupata Rd at 3.20pm; 17k. Pain in the head status: We were in bed by 7.30pm and I slept soundly until around 2.30am when I was woken with a headache thatContinue reading “Mt Pirongia to Waitomo”

Hamilton to Kaniwhaniwha (bottom of Mt Pirongia)

Day 40 (Sat 19 Dec): Hamilton to Whatawhata Left campground 8.15am, wandered around Hamilton City centre; started the walk proper around 10.15am, reached Whatawhata 2.30pm, 18k or so. Pain in the head status: Had a bad headache in the night but it wasn’t a migraine or a hypnic headache, I think it was due toContinue reading “Hamilton to Kaniwhaniwha (bottom of Mt Pirongia)”

Huntly to Hamilton

Day 38 (Thurs 17 Dec): Huntly to Ngaruawahia Started 7.20am, reached Ngaruawahia bus stop 2pm, 19k Pain in the head status: Improved then recurred in the afternoon. It was such a treat to walk for most of the day headache-free – I tried to appreciate it but didn’t appreciate it enough. It’s like the reverseContinue reading “Huntly to Hamilton”

Mercer to Huntly

Day 36 (Tues 15 Dec): Mercer to Rangiriri Started 7.40am, finished 3.30pm, 26k Pain in the head status: Bad headache in the night. It’s always worse at night when there’s nothing to do but lay there and wait for sleep. I find it easier to deal with during the day, when there is so muchContinue reading “Mercer to Huntly”

Bombay Hills to Mercer

Day 34 (Sun 13 Dec): Rest day Word of the day: Sybaritic, self-indulgently fond of sensuous luxury For our final day in Auckland, a big thanks to our parental personal Trail Angels, who have provided accommodation, food, transportation, laundry services, more food, housekeeping, toiletries, yet more food… We prepare to leave this sybaritic interlude andContinue reading “Bombay Hills to Mercer”

Auckland… Long Bay to Orewa

Day 32 (Fri 11 Dec): Rest day More like feast day – went out for coffee in the morning; ate out for lunch and dinner. Weight gain has commenced. Was obliged to go for a walk in the afternoon to assist the digestive process. Day 33 (Sat 12 Dec): Long Bay to Orewa Started 9.40am,Continue reading “Auckland… Long Bay to Orewa”

Britomart (central Auckland) to Ramarama

Day 30 (Wed 9 Dec): Britomart to Wiri Started 7.40am, finished 4pm, 37k Pain in the head status: I’m experiencing what I expected to happen at the beginning of the trail – migraines at the end of the day and in the night, which has been a common pattern on other tramping trips. I’m hopingContinue reading “Britomart (central Auckland) to Ramarama”

Remiger Road to…Auckland

Day 28 (Mon 7 Dec): Remiger Road Campsite to Puhoi Started 8am, finished 9.30am, 6k. Pain in the head status: Had the worst migraine of the trail so far, which made me appreciate the mildness of the ones that have gone before and their responsiveness to medicines. This one came on over night, was moreContinue reading “Remiger Road to…Auckland”

Eating on Te Araroa

Confession – this is a bit of a fill-in blog, as I’m in Auckland now but disconnected from my photos, so can’t yet post a full picture of what we’ve been up to… But the topic that is constantly on the minds and lips of trampers is food, so I’m going to indulge in aContinue reading “Eating on Te Araroa”

Mangawhai to Pakiri

Day 25 (Fri 4 Dec): Mangawhai to Pakiri Started at 7.35am, walked to the Mangawhai Heads Four Square for some more supplies, walked a bit further then got a lift to the start of Te Arai beach, started walking from there around 8.30am, reached Pakiri Beach Camp 1.50pm; 28k in total, about 10k by car.Continue reading “Mangawhai to Pakiri”