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Pelorus track

Day 146 (Wed 14 April): Nelson to Rocks hut Started 9.50am, finished 5.05pm, 20k. Pain in the head status: The head didn’t feel quite right today but no migraine eventuated. Word of the day: Plangent, loud and resonant with a mournful tone. Back on trail today, we discovered the track in to Hacket hut wasContinue reading “Pelorus track”

Waiau Pass track

Day 132 (Wed 31 March): Anne hut to Waiau hut  Started 8.20am, finished 2.45pm, 26k. Pain in the head status: No head pain. Also sleeping exceptionally well – the insomnia disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. Word of the day: Dubeity, doubtfulness. There was definitely some improvement on the gastric front this morning with noContinue reading “Waiau Pass track”

Harper Pass – Part 2

Day 126 (Thurs 25 March): Hurunui No 3 hut to Hope Kiwi lodge Started 7.30am, finished 4.10pm, 29k. Pain in the head status: For no good reason, I had the worst  insomnia I can remember on this trip last night. I caught up on a lot of podcasts, including a fascinating investigation into how theContinue reading “Harper Pass – Part 2”


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