Favourite piece of tramping gear

Thermorest Z seat

This is my new favourite thing. The thermorest Z seat. It folds up into a neat little package, it only weighs 60g, and provides the most delightful insulated padding for my behind, which is already delightfully padded, but this seat means my behind is cushioned from hard benches, wet tree roots, prickly grass, scorching sticky sand and stony gravel on the side of the road. I love it. When I sit down, I get an instant sense of warmth and comfort. The heat from my padded behind is trapped by the z seat, instead of being sucked away by cold surfaces.

It also serves as a mini yoga mat and substitutes for a pillow between my knees when sleeping – which is supposed to maintain correct spine alignment when you sleep on your side. Whatever, it does seem to help my dodgy hip, which has been twinging a bit with all this undue exertion.

I am not (yet) sponsored by Thermorest, but my devotion to my new favourite thing is such that it is coming with me wherever I go, bringing joy to my eyes with its bright yellow and silver and joy to my bottom with its gentle sponginess.


2 thoughts on “Favourite piece of tramping gear

  1. Who would have thought?! I would have made the mistake of discarding it as ‘a nice to have.’ Word of the day: rampant-capitalism??! Haha. Go well,honey:)


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